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Immediately when I am trying to get my blogging routine started again, I am already feeling “bloggers block”;  I am struggling to write something on this blog.

I started to do some research on it.  Found a book titled “Born to Blog” and found that the internet is actually filled with many average bloggers.  I learnt that blogging is not an elite marketing strategy reserved for highly trained authors, journalists and creative people.  It is a communication skill that is naturally inside us which we need to practise them every day.  I just have to find out how to put them to work over in this blog.

Here are the 5 skills I learnt on getting started with blogging:

1) Dreaming
We dream during the day and night.  During the day, we may daydream about imaginative things which are either in future or from past events. And we are usually being restricted by the existing worlds to look into them further.  That’s where the bloggers have the ability to describe this dream world in their minds where they are willing to show the public their internal dramas and uncover their insights.  If we can dream, we can blog.

2) Storytelling
All our lives, we have been telling different kinds of stories to different people in the existing world.  From complicated to entertaining stories.  That’s where human beings are keen to pay attention to stories because of our love of metaphor, hidden meaning and visual imagery. That’s where the bloggers tap into their natural ability to spin a great tale.  If we can tell a story, we can blog.

3) Persuading
People deserve to hear our point of view so as to get our reasoning answered.  Not standing up for yourself is almost like doing yourself a disservice. These discussion points are ready for difficult clients, difficult colleagues, difficult family members and also difficult blog readers.  However, we have to be vigilant at being persuasive as well; We have to be able to nudge our blog readers to see from our side of an argument.  Some bloggers are focusing on their persuasion skills heavily where they write witty, sarcastic and wickedly comedic blog posts in topics such as sports, politics, marketing, religion, biking and even nutrition. If we have passions and options, we can blog.

4) Teaching
People turn to the web every day to learn and find answers to their questions. Hence, we can use our experience to help people solve their problems. It actually feels rewarding when you get feedback that you actually helped somebody! Blogging is a great way to scale our natural inclination to help others by sharing our wisdom in a public forum.  Simply be aware of those questions and using them as an opportunity to teach in our own blogs. If we can answer our potential readers’ questions, we can blog.

5) Curation
We have been assembling and organising information as part of our lives.  Our brain makes sense of the world by labelling and categorising everything.  We may have a specific interest in curating a certain object and that interest turns into a hobby.  If we can’t resist giving comments on a certain topics out there, we can blog.

Let’s see how far I can bring my blog going. I’m both excited and worried about it… 🙂

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