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About Charles Lau

Welcome to Charles Lau dot Com, a blog to connect with fellow digital marketing managers/executives around the world to learn and explore the new heights of digital marketing together.

Hi! My name is Charles Lau, and I am a part-time blogger trying to get this blog up and running properly. I’m also aspiring to be an author and speaker in the near future.  What follows is a series of roles I am playing (or had played previously) as:

Regional Digital Marketing Manager

I have been working on digital marketing activities in the corporate world for more than 10 years. My focus is to provide digital marketing support for the countries in their marketing communications and public relations in Asia.

Rising from a junior executive to a manager role, I concentrated on honing my skills and experiences accumulatively and deeply in website management, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, mobile app management and data analysis.

Family Man of 4 children

My wife and I are very blessed to be parents of two boys and two girls since 2016, whom we named them Zac, Luke, Faith and Dawn respectively. We are working very hard to help the four little ones shape their future with us together, hoping to paint a very memorable childhood in each and every one of them.

It is not an easy life for both of us taking up high family commitments since then. We have to make a lot of personal sacrifices in various ways so as to bring them up, while it is also draining mentally and physically to take care of the four children with patience. On top of that, I am also challenging myself to make time to establish even more towards my career.

Young ex-Entrepreneur

Right after my full time national service in 2003, I forfeited my chance to study an IT degree after being influenced to learn entrepreneurship by taking up sales career as a real estate agent, a multi-level marketing agent, an event marketing business development manager and an IT sales engineer.

Subsequently, I started up various businesses; SaaS businesses, website agency services, van delivery service and also food delivery service. It was a great experience to get myself into the entrepreneurial world in my early twenties and I must thank my mother for her positive mentality towards my young endeavours because I had several setbacks and discouragement from my peers and seniors.

Eventually, I faced business failure and that was also when I found my wife and career in digital marketing.

Ex-Computer Programmer

While I was still schooling, I have been developing different kinds of applications for my school projects, home projects as well as for multiple companies during my school internship.

Working on computer projects, it has triggered me to think about starting up a web business to provide values to others.  Programming has also become a very big leverage for me to get more things done with less efforts.

That was how I started my own business as an entrepreneur eventually.

Last updated: 21 October 2018