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30 Days To Greatness

I will be commiting my next 30 days to start something small and snowball into something really big. The first day tomorrow, I will be focusing on downsizing. Which means I will be cutting down on my expenses and focusing on building important things within the next...

OneDrive can’t transfer files right now

After much consideration and research, I decided to move my files from Dropbox to OneDrive. I am pleased at the speed of syncing comparing to Dropbox and Google Drive. It's going really fast for the whole day till I hit a problem which tells me nothing much except a...

How do you progress on achieving something in life?
How do you progress on achieving something in life?

There are many things out there that we want to get. Whether it is a hobby, business, relationship or career, we tend to do one of those things below: Envy of other people's achievements. Learn from books and courses of how we can achieve them. Think about how we can...



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