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How do you progress on achieving something in life?

How do you progress on achieving something in life?

There are many things out there that we want to get. Whether it is a hobby, business, relationship or career, we tend to do one of those things below:

  1. Envy of other people’s achievements.
  2. Learn from books and courses of how we can achieve them.
  3. Think about how we can have the same as others who have achieved certain goals that we want too.
  4. Try doing the same things as what the other people have achieved.

The problem that most of us face is that we tend to focus too much on one of the above 4 actions. And when that happens,

  • People who envy so much will continue to be jealous and stay at their current situation.
  • People who focus too much on learning will continue to learn and not even trying them out thoroughly.
  • People who focus too much on planning will continue to plan most of their time!
  • Lastly, these are the people who kept trying and failing.

Nevertheless, the above 4 types of people will eventually be very good at their actions.

One thing to note is that the above four actions are actually necessary for us to progress well in our lives. We need the motivation (envious of others), the understanding (education), the planning (thinking) as well as the action to make it happen (doing it).

The magic here is to do one thing at a time and make it progress through the four stages.

Never try to deviate and work too much on learning other things, planning other things and executing other things. That may keep you from reaching your success earlier.

In short, do the following and progress onto the next stage as soon as you can!

Stage 1) Motivation

You must have seen successful people whom you want to be in the near future. That is the motivation that drives you to do something about it and change your life.

Stage 2) Theory

Buying books for ideas. Taking up courses to learn them. Do whatever you can but keep it within a month or less to understand the theory and move onto planning.

Stage 3) Mental

Thinking and planning ideas. Referencing the theory that you get, you should be able to do a good plan within a week.

Stage 4) Physical

Executing the ideas should take less than 2 weeks and it should tell you some results so that you can perform PDCA accordingly to react and become better and better.

It takes time to cultivate yourself eating spicy food

There are people who like to eat spicy food, while others may declare that they don’t take spicy food.

One thing to note about spicy food is that you have to start eating spicy food in small amount of chilli in any forms at the level that you can actually enjoy eating spicy food. If you can’t enjoy eating food of very small amount of spice, you probably don’t like spicy food truly.

And as time passed, you will start to increase chilli quantity at enjoyable level.

The problem with chilli is that our tastebud tends to get numbed over the time. That’s how we yearn for greater amount of chilli.

Many people may misunderstood that they will be able to take large amount of spice at the very first time. That is a big mistake because that is also when the tastebud is at the most sensitive stage where they will feel really defeated by the spiciness.

Enjoy eating spicy food!