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Making yourself heard in the right channel

Making yourself heard in the right channel

Looking from a big perspective, making yourself heard on the social media is due to the positive/negative motivation on anything in this world such as products, people, events, places and thoughts.

Unfortunately, negative information tends to reign in social media (citizen journalism), news sites and blogs as it captures a lot of attention (which is the desired end results)…

Those who don’t wish to get attention are the ones who don’t have Facebook account, or keeping their account private. (that’s not social media, more of private media)

From the personal basis, you may want to think twice before you post something which can harm/shame someone.  It is almost as good as getting rough with someone whom you are angry with. Especially when you may even get backfired for making an overlooked statement.  If you think about the original usage of social media, it’s supposed to keep in touch with your friends and relatives whom you don’t have time with.  That’s where we share our family moments, industry opinions, hobbies, product reviews and life experiences.

Give feedback to the specific company or someone

If you have a point to make to a specific company or someone, you don’t have to do it online conveniently. Instead, here’s some suggestions on what you could do:

  • Directly (or if you wish to get instant feedback), you should be approaching the company or someone privately for an appointment, and discuss face-to-face about it.
  • Indirectly, you may want to send an email / write a letter / send a private message to inform the person or company about your point that you want to express.  But when it comes to technological method, try not to turn yourself into a keyboard warrior to fight against the recipient’s answers. It will be better to have a face-to-face clarification or at least a phone call.

Social media usage

Social media is a place often misunderstood and also misused.  When you get angry over a matter, you may take in on social media to spread your side of the story.  More often than not, the commentators tend to side with the broadcaster if he makes a very good stand in the story (in various formats i.e. video, audio and article).  But the stand may change when they start seeing the other side of the story.  For those who are wronged, they are having social media pressure to make a public notice on their side of the story.

Most of the times, it may not be necessary to shout out loud about something that you are unhappy about.  You could write them on a private diary first (or post it privately for your own view), and you may be glad that you could just tear it off to forget about it as time passed. That’s because time heals most of the time.

Keeping a private journal

It’s a good practice to have a private journal (digitally or on a book) of your thoughts. It keeps you sane because you are basically pouring your innermost thoughts out to somewhere, and it doesn’t hurt anybody.  As you look back at your own journal, you may even think how silly you had been at that time.  It helps you to mature in your thoughts and become a better person even!

Private media usage

Sometimes, you really need to be heard so as to keep yourself sane.  But at the same time, you would like to keep it really secret with someone.  That’s where you could turn to WhatsApp / Line Chat / Telegram / WeChat / FB Messenger and chat with someone you can turn to.

Chill out

Other times, it feels good to go out and chill with someone and tell him or her about your thoughts / frustrations / story.

Do let me know in the comments below for any other alternative ways to make yourself heard privately instead of using the social media.