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Today, I am going to write a sponsored review about  G Suite by Google Cloud.

What is G Suite about?

G Suite is basically a cloud service by Google, to provide you Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar for your business.  It is most suitable for startup companies who need to get their business communications started professionally which they may already be using those Google tools on a personal basis.  It is also suitable for big enterprises who want to leverage on a reliable cloud services for both security reasons as well as cost savings reasons.

How G Suite Products can be used in your daily life?

As mentioned above, these are the 4 key products from G Suite in details below:

Gmail: it is hosting email service with your corporate domain name so that you can surf on Gmail website directly which is optimised for both desktop and mobile browsers, as well as Gmail mobile apps available on both Android and iOS devices.

Docs: It allows you to create your documents easily on your web browser and mobile apps.  This gives you the freedom of being very mobile while you are outside doing important business meetings.  It also allows collaborations with your colleagues in real time on making the changes.

Drive: It also has online storage for you to use so that you can upload all your files and retrieve them anywhere anytime.  This makes your life very mobile as you are not dependent on any desktop or mobile devices.

Calendar: This is a really important tool to have for your business to get organised and to make you really productive.  It can also be collaborative with your colleagues so that you will know one another’s availability.

How have I been using G Suite products?

Basically, I am very reliant on the Gmail app to check my own domain names’ email addresses for many years already.  It is very effective and easy to use for me when all the messages are merged into conversion threads so that I can read them like a conversation.  I also set notifications so that I can reply them almost as instantly as my messenger programs.

Calendar is something that I have been relying on to make sure of my productivity and to keep track of the various dates in both personal and work. There are many things to remember, and I don’t wish to miss any of them while keeping track of them in Calendar.

I also use both Docs and Drive for some of my productivity work as there are certain documents that are still being used externally in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint format.  It is very effective for me to keep track of it when I use it together with another Android software known as Memento Database where I can create custom fields to maintain while keeping them saved in Google Sheets format on the cloud.

What do I dislike about this product?

Generally, I am a very satisfied customer of G Suite.  If I were to think of any, I would probably hope that they would be able to integrate the file sharing with Dropbox so that I can use them as one easily.  Because Google Drive and Dropbox are not synchronised, I have to open them separately to get certain files.

Where G Suite can be found and for how much?

You can simply click here to go there right away to see the price plan and compare for yourself.  Starting at USD$5 per user per month, you will get a professional email address of your own company domain name and it is hosted with Google (with a generous space between 30GB and unlimited space).

Google has provided me with the two special 20% discount promo codes (for your first year sign-up) on both Basic and Business Plans respectively.

G Suite Basic Plan:  Y9FNKGRQM3GXLEL

G Suite Business Plan:  Y96WQ6NCKXURYR6

Click here to check out the pricing and get started now.

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