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I had never expected that I had dropped my smart phone into water recently.  (Because of this, I have gotten a new phone as well.)  I did a lot of study on this and also from a friend who has dropped hers into water before. As a result, I got to understand more about saving a mobile phone after it has been dropped in water.

First thing first, I noticed that most phones are becoming more water resistant and hence they have a better chance of being saved.  Being more water resistant, it DOESN’T mean that we are free to drop our phones in water!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Do not turn on your phone or charge your phone. 

It will be disastrous to turn on your phone when your device is wet because the parts will be connected via water and resulted in more damages to render your phone useless.

Step 2: Remove all removable parts of your phone.

It is an attempt to dry your phone.  So, remove them all will help to prevent further damages to the phone.

Step 3: Try to dry your phone on the exterior as well as through the holes on your phone.

There are articles out there telling me not to use hairdryer to dry your phone unless it is not hot because the hotness may damage the electronic devices.  So, probably just use a dry cloth to keep your phone dry as much as possible.  Another possibility is to use a vacuum cleaner perhaps.

Step 4: Draw out moisture in your phone for a week.

There should have a few ways to draw out moisture on your phone. One way is to try putting the phone inside a cup filled with raw rice for a few days to draw the moisture.  If you don’t have any possible things to use, you may want to keep your phone in dry place for as long as a month.

Step 5: The moment of truth

Try turning on your phone to see if it is still working.  It may or may not work, but you would have tried your best to save your phone from being “drowned” in water.

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