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There are people who like to eat spicy food, while others may declare that they don’t take spicy food.

One thing to note about spicy food is that you have to start eating spicy food in small amount of chilli in any forms at the level that you can actually enjoy eating spicy food. If you can’t enjoy eating food of very small amount of spice, you probably don’t like spicy food truly.

And as time passed, you will start to increase chilli quantity at enjoyable level.

The problem with chilli is that our tastebud tends to get numbed over the time. That’s how we yearn for greater amount of chilli.

Many people may misunderstood that they will be able to take large amount of spice at the very first time. That is a big mistake because that is also when the tastebud is at the most sensitive stage where they will feel really defeated by the spiciness.

Enjoy eating spicy food!

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