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What does money mean to me?

In my opinion, money is invented so that we can have more time doing other things… Or else, we would have to spend our own time creating our own cars, houses, clothes and everything else out of the raw materials that we can find… Hence, let’s choose our work wisely and love our work too because there is already a very high leverage of time because of money…

Many people like to spend time to save money, and that is against the very idea of having money invented… If the amount of time spent is very little, it is still ok… If not, we should all be spending money to save time! Because our lifespan is very limited to 100 years old, whereas the amount of money we can make is up to our imagination and capabilities!

Here’s an interesting video that I have found on Internet:

Four things you can do to be positive in life!

positive thinker

It seems to be a secret for many to think how a person can stay positive in life.  The fact is that human beings are negative by nature.  One such article to reference is this.

The thing is that we need to make an effort to be positive conscientiously.  It is not a natural thing after all, and many hate it when negativity hits them.

I thank God that I am exposed to many things to help me to stay positive conscientiously.  Here’s some of things you may want to do:

  1. Thank God for everything.
    • Thank God for all the things that you already have.  It may sound weird but I take time to thank God for having a comfortable bed to sleep, an understanding wife to be with, and even thank God that I have a MacBook Air to use.  Just whenever I can remember whatever, I will thank God for it.
    • Over a period of time when I am receiving new things in life, I thank God as well.  I thank God for every single thing that I have!  Even when I manage to find a parking lot (It is a competition to find a parking space in Singapore!), I thank God for it too…
    • Even when I don’t get certain things, I will also thank God that I may be having something even greater in life.  It is just waiting for me to get it.
  2. Every problem has its respective solutions.
    • When we have a solution, it ends there.  But when we have a bigger problem, we will have a bigger solution which goes a longer mileage.
    • So, embrace all problems as they prepare you for even more solutions!
    • It’s all about every word we say out from our mouth.  So focus on saying solutions (and its problems as a background if you need to).  Brood about it if you need to before you say out the solutions.  Never just say out problems without any solutions.
  3. Everything in life has its good and bad.
    • Life is very fair as it has both sides in everything.  Black and white.  Blue and red.  Ups and downs.  Left and right.  Good and bad.  Happy and sad.
    • So while you are on the negative side, think about the positive side as well.  When you are on the positive side, think about the negative side too so as to look out for more problems to solve.  (Remember not to stop at finding problems… Only stop after you have found solutions.)
  4. Don’t-care mentality for things that don’t matter.
    • There are just so many things in life that I only have 24 hours a day.  In fact, I only have 16 hours after sleeping.  So focus on what matters to you.  As for the rest, ignorance is really bliss.
    • So what if somebody tells you how good or bad you have been doing?  Being acknowledged for what you have done can only make you feel good, but it doesn’t really matter actually.  Instead, focus on what you want to achieve and get them!

Hope this has been useful to those of you who are reading this article.

Image credit: Leland Francisco

Very sharp focus is all I need

Over the weekend, I found a new revelation of putting more focus on what I wanted to do. It is not really a new method of doing things. It is just about eliminating other focuses or to put lesser priorities.

I have been wanting to put in my best efforts in everything I do. I must say that I enjoyed some good results out of it. However, I can do them even better if I put in my focus to be as sharp as laser.

There is no time to waste already. Everybody is doing their best to outshine one another. I can no longer work on things at my own timing anymore. Let’s get things moving!

What Facebook could have done better to improve their Global Page implementation.

Without any doubt, Facebook is a dominant in the social media space.

In recent years, Facebook has implemented Global Page for companies who have multiple Facebook Pages to serve different countries. They must have thought that the companies of the same brand are receiving messages from fans who are not located in their respective countries. Also, Facebook staff must have thought that they can do something to help brands harmonise in Facebook. Thus, Facebook Global Page is formed.

The idea about Facebook Global Page is not well known at all. In a community group called “The Secret Team” formed by Chris Brogan, I asked the group how they are dealing with Facebook Global Page and it turns out that most of them don’t even know such thing existed till I mentioned. It’s likely because they are either mostly sole proprietors or working in SMEs. There is someone who replied me about it that it is a good idea, and I guess he should be from an agency.

Probably this idea works well in the US and some other countries, but it is definitely not working well for me simply because it is not well known enough.
1) I have about 30k fans who are stuck in the wrong countries while they are mostly clueless about how to switch to the correct region (how many people actually know that the Facebook Pages are interlinked?)
2) Asia is fast becoming an attraction for foreigners to go to for various reasons to stay for longer period of time, other than being tourists. Foreigners come here to find a job, start a new business, invest or for whatever other reasons. Because of that, their Facebook Profile is not set to the correct country and thus they will not see the correct Facebook Page to get relevant domestic updates. We can almost forget about targeting them unless we do Facebook advertising…
3) The only method for people to go to the correct region is to tell them straight in the face of our Facebook Page url. However, that is also being covered in such a way that they will be redirected to the region that they first liked.

Facebook could have done a better job if they show the Facebook users that they are currently visiting a Global Page, and that the “Switch Country” button should be shown prominently for them to switch their default region. Right now, the “Switch Region” (They should use the word “country”) is hidden in the other options under “…” button. Who will know that?